Our recruitment specialists are prepared to provide your company with the best aviation talents from instructors, captains, first officers, cadets to cabin crew. Starting with the analysis of your personnel needs and understanding of your company's culture to the delivery of the right candidates in required amount.

Human Resources


Successful and effective obtaining of new aviation personnel is influenced by many internal and external factors. From company's culture through employment policy to public opinion. Use our knowledge to improve your recruitment strategies and methods to attract the appropriate candidates.

Ferry Flights Services

Need to move your aircraft from its placement to required position? We can help. Our experienced cockpit crew can provide you bespoke ferry flight services all around the world from aircraft delivery and post-maintanance flights to observation flights. 

Fulfill your company's needs with our expertise

Need to ensure the best aviation talents for your business, improve your recruitment strategies and methods or move your aircraft? We are here for you 24/7 throughout whole year.

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